Reiki Practitioner

I am so grateful that everyone that has had a Reiki healing session with me knows what a powerful experience of stress relief and well-being can be and how it can transform your life.

              -Michelle Weber, Reiki Practitioner, M/T                                                                          The Reiki Chamber 

There is a need for more alternative modalities.  I have always been interested in natural, alternative ways to treat the whole body and to help as many people as I can by providing the services that I offer.   

To heal the energy of the body, mind and spirit; to create a sense of calm or relaxation; to get you on your way to being balanced.

Located in Hocking Hills, Ohio


The Reiki Chamber is an Alternative, Holistic, Complimentary Energy Healing Company.  

Reiki, in my opinion, is just another form of guided meditation.  It helps you relax and de-stress.  It is an alternative to conventional medicine.  Not a cure, not a replacement for a physician but a more natural healing process that considers the whole being, not pieces and parts.  

You know, after a couple of years of being blessed enough to live through a pandemic and the most recent occurances, most of us may have forgotten what it is like to NOT be stressed out.  Non-stop stress or the constant switching of the bodyś fight or flight response contributes to all sorts of emotional, spiritual and physical imbalances.  

Thereś a good chance that your excessive stress has you stuck in your sympathetic nervous system.

Thatś where I can begin to help and get you unstuck by manipulating the parasympathetic nervous system to stimulate the vagas nerve which maintains a balancing act between your stress response and healing response.  When it is activated, it puts the brakes on the stress.  When this happens, blood vessels relax and this helps the body balance itself.